Moving to a Sustainable Society by Resolving Social Issues in a Super-aging Society

It is anticipated that in 2060 one out of every 2.5 people will be aged 65 or older, which will lead to a super-aging society with no parallel in the world. CHANGE Group (hereinafter, simply“we”) has been greatly improving productivity in Japan under the formula of "People ×Technology" and promoting innovations in all industries in Japan where population is acceleratingly decreases, and aims to realize a sustainable society in which people can live pleasantly, affluently, and happily

Since the foundation in 2003, we have been conducting our business to spread the benefits of digital to mainly on reginal areas other than Tokyo which occupies approximately 70% of GDP by focusing on “Digital × Local × Social”with our track record of providing many solutions to digitization needs of various domestic and overseas customers.

CHANGE Group's business domains are the NEW-IT Transformation Business, and the Publitech Business, and we have been developing businesses such as digitization of business models and business processes and support for the development of digital human resources.

In addition, we aim to be a company group who can address critical and urgent issues in areas of which sustainability is at risk and is indispensable for local communities. We fulfill our corporate social responsibilities by promoting regional revitalization.

Our Major Businesses

・the NEW-IT Transformation Business
We have been improving Japanese companies' operations and business models through new technologies and digital human resources development. We have been providing services that help our clients to improve productivity and increase added value.

・the Publitech Business
We have set the mission to promote the creation of local communities through a variety of“digitization and digitalization”methods, including the hometown tax donation platform and the provision of technology services to governmental agencies.

Business Domain

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